This page is dedicated to the future of good trading and is not designed to slander or insult other traders.I have been faced with the rubicon to start trading with someone but I donít even know his surname or how to get hold of him in the event things do not turn out as expected.With this page I offer a small number of the references that are prepared to vouch for me, thereby offering you some form of recourse in case I do not meet the terms of our trade, and I also list the names of those that have forced me to use a little more care in those I trade with.


Note : I will hyperlink their EMail once they have agreed to attest for me.


Started Trading



Erich Hofmarcher

Auerspergstrasse 19

A-4020 Linz


9 August 2002

Erich has visited me here in RSA and Iíve visited him in Austria in 2005

And references

Jan Chr. Krohn

Gamle Drammensvei 88 A

N-1322 Hovik


3 December 1997

Iíve sent Jan 25 letters to date and exchanged around Ä1400


Eilert Backhus

Heinrich-Heine Str 46

D-28211 Bremen


6 May 1997

Iíve sent Eilert 28 letters to date

Here is a list of the people that have let me down and are still Missing in Action (MIA), and have thus forced me to rethink my philosophy on who sends their stamps first.

If you are one of these people, or know them, please send me an EMail and letís rectify the situation




MIA Date


Bad Traders

Wayne Berthin

3030 Beach Drive

Victoria, BC, V8R 6LC


February 2005


Branislav Kosic

21000 Novi Sad

Neimarova 30 / I

Servia & Montenegro

December 2005



Jorge Boavida

RuaPaulo Manso no 2 Ė Buarcos

3080 Fig Foz


October 2004


Robert J. King

12030-125 St.

Edmonton, AB, T5L-OS4


October 2004


Dr Kong Chao

3-813 No 6 Building

Qian Men Xi Da Jie

Xuan Wu District

Beijing 100051

PR of China

March 2004


Mort Ohren

377 Twelve Oaks Drive

Winter Springs, FL 32708


April 2004


Hasan Eker

Savas Mah. Besim Yucel Ishani

K.3 D.7 31200Iskenderun


June 2003


Arun Kurian Thykadavil

Thykadavil Villa

Medical College PO


Kerala†† India

April 2001


Douglas Dombai

PO Box 2246

Middelburg 1050

South Arica


I have disappointed many traders by declining their offers.††


Douglas Dombai

PO Box 2246

Middelburg 1050

South Arica

Resolved August 2004

It took me three months to send stamps to Ivan White as negotiated.

While this is a very serious matter, because you deal with peopleís perceptions on, not only you, but the country you live in etc, I donít want to create animosity in any way.My intention is to motivate why I do not want to send stamps without first receiving the agreed stamps from any new traders.I have undertaken the work to create this web site, and have placed many Ďadvertsí on the web to attract swapping offers, it I now for the new traders to take the next step to first send their stamps to get myne.