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My name is Douglas Dombai

I’m a hobby stamp collector and I hope to build on my collection by swapping stamps internationally through my ever widening circle of stamp friends through the world.  I have a large selection of stamps from Southern Africa and Europe to swap for used stamps that I need to complete my country collections as listed.  I prefer to trade according to wants lists, setup with the Michel or Gibbons catalogues, but I have also got stamps pre-selected for trade in batches of 250.  Please note that I only accept used stamps and that I prefer the cancellation to be a neat circular hand cancellation if at all possible.  I have a lot of mint and used from Southern Africa, so you should preferably send me a wants list - to make my selection of stamps easier please.  Please note that I do not send first, and you must make your decisions accordingly.

I am in the process of organising my collection into special albums, that I have created from pdf files that I have downloaded from  . I highly recommend this site as it has given me great joy in upgrading my collection.

I hope to keep my site up to date, to make it easier for anyone to download my wants list.  Please use it and share it, and as the usage increases I’ll add more to the start I have made.   You can see the structure I have created, that I hope to complete in due course.

I am very excited to announce that I have just completed the full catalogue search engine for all the stamps of the Union and Republic issues. Please have a look and let me know where I can make the next improvement.  Please share this URL and get more people to use it.  

2007 was a very bad year for my collection due to work commitments in Iran, but I was able to manage that better in 2008.  This year I have received 28 Registered and 34 normal letters in my new postal address in Centurion. I am aware of the loss of letters from Werner Herglotz (Germany), Manfred Sitt (Germany), Hans Burmeister (Germany), Bruce Hartley (GB) and Peter Lidbeck (Sweden) in this year; so it has been a bad year in this respect.  Please note my current postal address:

Soy un coleccionista aficionado de sellos postales, en busca de sellos usados para mi colección de todo el mundo. Solamente quiero recibir sellos postales de acuerdo a las descripciones de mi lista (que te puedo enviar), organizada con los números del catalogo de Michel y Edifil. Por favor toma en cuenta que solamente acepto sellos usados y prefiero de ser posible, que la cancelación sea a mano, circular  y bien marcada.


Prefiero intercambiar de acuerdo a los catálogos de Michel, pero también tengo los de Gibbons y Scott. Puedo considerar otras soluciones,  pero definitivamente no acepto las transacciones 1:1 para los sellos postales españoles.


Tengo muchos sellos usados del Sur de África, así que pudieras enviarme una lista de los que te interesan – para hacer mi selección más fácil. Por favor recuerda que yo no envío primero y  tú debes de tomar tu decisión de acuerdo a esto.


Douglas Dombai, PO Box 11546, Centurion, 0046, South Africa  

Happy stamping

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